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Update: Forest County Humane Society

Published by Angie Schaefer November 12th at 7:39 AM

UPDATE on Jetz.
I picked up Jetz from the hospital today. The surgery was a success with no complications. Jetz is expected to live a long and healthy doggie life. In three months she will have to have another echo cardiogram to make sure the inserted medical device in her heart is still in place and is healed. Again we can’t thank you all enough for contributing to her life saving surgery!

Update: Forest County Humane Society
Published by Angie Schaefer November 11th at 8:43 AM


Quick update on Jetz. We arrived safely to Minneapolis. I didn’t realize how much I would need the prayers that all of you prayed. I didn’t know when I left Crandon that I was heading into a winter storm with freezing rain and snow in Minneapolis. God is good and Jetz and I made it safely. Jetz is sleeping in her carrier with not a care in the world and I am praying, Dear Jesus, take the wheel. She is in surgery this morning and I will update you when I hear how she did. Again thanks so much for prayers and your support.

UPDATE: Forest County Humane Societ
 is asking for donations
— with Lynn Sanders

Published by Angie Schaefer  November 10th at 12:20 PM


Angie and Jetz are leaving for Minneapolis for Jets heart surgery.
We would love your prayers! 
If you would still like to contribute to Jets surgery and follow up, please visit our web page HERE

Thank you to all that contributed to make this possible for Jetz.

Angie Jetz.jpg
Fundraiser for Jetz.     Please help us save this sweet little puppy's life.
Jetz and Benny.jpg
Jetz UW Minnesota.jpg

Hi Everyone, I was really hoping we could go a year without having to have any major surgeries, unfortunately, that is not the case.  
Jetz is a sweet 10-month-old Chihuahua puppy. 
She was surrendered with her brother Benny and the two are very bonded and inseparable. 
Jetz is a beautiful ebony girl who is quite shy and looks to her big brother for emotional support. 
Benny is definitely the protective big brother and watches out for his little sister. 
The two of them have found their fur-ever home and will live happily fur-ever after together, but we need your help. 
Jetz has a heart murmur; it is called a PDA which is basically a defect from birth and she will die of congestive heart failure within a year if she doesn’t have the surgery. 
Jetz surgery will cost $4,000.00. 
We are asking our Facebook and Website family if they will make this surgery possible for Jetz, like they did for Clementine last year. 

Surgery is scheduled for November 11th at UW Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center. 
This doesn’t leave us much time to raise the money.  Please help if you can.  We know this year has hit everyone hard, including us, and we try not to ask unless we really need the help. 
Thanks for all you do for us, we couldn’t do this without you.


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