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Volunteers rock!
Become one today.

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Help make a difference and sign up to volunteer today!

We are in urgent need of people to help come not only spend time with the animals, but we are in dire need of people to come help do laundry, help vacuum or mop, anything.  We are exceptionally full, and we do not have enough people to help.  Please consider volunteering, it helps us to help them find their forever homes....




We are always in short supply of people willing to spend time with our animals.
Just to have some one-on-one human contact is so important, as some of our animals have been with us for a long time.
Just to sit with a cat for a while or walk a dog tells the animals that they are loved and gives them hope that soon they will have new homes and loving humans of their own.

Please contact the Shelter 715-478-2098
or email a note to: Volunteer for details.

Bless all the Animals in this world, for they have no voice they have no choice.

Help with Fundraising



We are looking for a fundraising committee!  If you want to be apart of a team where you can help with fundraisers, it is more beneficial than you may realize!  If you can help with fundraising ideas and volunteer your time to lend a hand at our events, please get a hold of us now!


Please contact the Shelter 715-478-2098
or email a note to: Help with Fundraising to add your name and contact info.

text only: 715-889-0871


Apply Below For Volunteer or Employment Opportunities 

We at the Forest County Humane Society will conduct a background report on any and all volunteers to ensure safety to all parties involved.  We are checking for cruelty or abuse charges only. We will not use a background check to discriminate against anyone for employment opportunities. 

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