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Please note if you do not hear back from us I may not have received your application...  Especially if you use a phone to submit it.  Please check with us

Employer Information


Please provide two non-related personal references who can speak to your ability to care for a new pet

Home Environment

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Please select

How many members live in your household?

Has anyone in your household ever been cited, convicted or warned about any type of an animal-related crime (neglect, abuse, running at large, etc.) or any other crime, including but not limited to Violence of any type, battery, Domestic Violence, warning/home check/citation for any type of abuse...regardless of the outcome, that may cause your application to be denied?

Vetinarian Information

Adoption Intentions

I would like to adpot a pet for (Please check all that apply)

Animal Care

Do you have a fenced-in yard?
This animal will be kept in

Current Animals

Are all of your animals current on their Rabies & Distemper/Combination vaccinations?
Can you provide proof of vaccinations?



Adoption Application Disclaimer

FCHS will not delay the processing of my adoption application, as it is our goal to place our animals in a timely manner.  Please understand that we receive applications via the internet, US mail and in person.  You may not be the first and/or only applicant on any given pet.  Multiple applications for one pet can result in an extended processing time while we work to find the best fit, based on the pet’s individual needs and history.

FCHS reserves the right to refuse to adopt our animals to anyone for any reason.  We strive to find safe, permanent placement for our pets.  If, in the course of our processing of your application, or through observations during any visitations, we are not confident that the match would be successful, we may deny adoption at any point of the adoption process.

FCHS will not adopt out any pet if deem to be unadoptable due to severe illness or behavioral instability.  You are adopting your pet from the FCHS as is and assume responsibility for its health and wellbeing.  While any pet adopted may be returned to us for ANY REASON at ANY time, refunds will only be given within three days of adoption minus the surrender or any pre- arranged fee.

Any other pets that live in the household must be properly introduced to canines that are to be adopted.

FCHS does not adopt pets as gifts for any reason.

This application becomes property of the FCHS.

Thanks for submitting!

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