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Vaccine Clinic Sign Up and Waiver

Canine DAPP and Feline FVRCP vaccines have been awarded by a grant from Petco Love and without them we would not be able to vaccinate!  We are so blessed to be a part of Petco Love's Grant Award to be able to hold free Vaccine Clinics and free walk- in vaccines any day during business hours.  
Rabies vaccines are provided by the FCHS as a thank you to all of our supporters and we are so appreciative of all of you, it is a small gesture where we can offer the communities help by having these clinics.  We could not offer the Rabies vaccines if not for the amazing volunteers from the NTC SCNAVTA Club!  They are a huge part of this and make it happen!  Bordetella, Lepto and any other additional vaccines we may have been offered at a discounted price of $5.00 each animal.  Microchips are donated by
Lost Dogs of Wisconsin, which an amazing group of people that work tirelessly to help reunite lost animals with their families. If your pet is lost, they are the people to contact and make a flyer.  This is a huge team effort, and we are so thankful and proud to be able to be a part of this great mission to save as many as possible.   

The next Vaccine Clinic is:
April 20, 2024 from 9:00 am until 12:00 pm at the Forest County Humane Society! No County Restrictions!  Cats must be in Carriers and Dogs must be on a leash and muzzled if needed. 
701 Industrial Parkway
Crandon, WI 54520

Thanks for submitting!

I am releasing the Forest County Humane Society located at 701 Industrial Parkway, Crandon, WI 54520 and any staff, volunteer, or person on the premises from any liability for being on the premises and receiving vaccinations etc. at this location.  This includes any side effects, allergic reactions, fever, any adverse reactions in any way… anything that may result in veterinary care or not.  The FCHS, staff and volunteers, and manufacturers of the vaccines are not responsible for any damages of any kind.  I am on the premises and getting my animal [s] vaccinated at my own free will and accept any consequences of doing so as my responsibility.  I am aware there are live animals on the premises, and I will not hold the FCHS, staff, volunteers etc. responsible for anything that may occur to me or my pet including any damages, wounds or even death.  The Forest County Humane Society and all parties involved will be held harmless to all consequences.  I agree to have any images published that I may be in.  I agree to these terms by signing below.

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