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Available Cats

Adopt a Cat from our shelter.  Create a new friendship that will last a lifetime.
         Your new best friend is here waiting for you!

Please choose the adoption option. Saving a life is priceless.
                               Encourage everyone you know to do the same.

*Please Note: If you become approved to adopt from us and choose to commit to a certain animal that at the time is too young to adopt or may still need vaccinations or adult may need to have a spay/neuter preformed, we will accept a deposit to hold the animal for you until he/she is ready to go home. Please know that if you change your mind or if your circumstances change and you are no longer able to complete the adoption, these deposits are nonrefundable. The amount of this "HOLD FEE" varies, is set by Shelter management and depends on the animal in question.    

The Adoption Process:

When you decide to adopt an animal from Forest County Humane Society and if you are at least 18 years of age you must:    

Fill out an application and meet the animal you wish to adopt.   

If you rent please bring a copy of your lease or written approval from your landlord.

After completion of an application, time will vary because we are very short 
 staffed.  If you submit your application on a phone, sometimes it does not go through.      
Click here for our application form...Please do not mail in an application because by the time we get it, the animal may be gone.

Click here to view our Adoption Prices.

All ADULT cat adoption fees include a spay/neuter, a 4-way vaccine, flea and tick medications/de-wormer...which we use Revolution for our cats here.  It does all of that in one product that works exceptionally well. It also includes the remaining amount of FVRCP vaccinations if they are needed. If you are approved to take home a feline, please bring along a cat carrier at your time of pick up!

See below for the latest photos of cats that are waiting now for you to adopt.

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Sorry we do not have any available kittens right now.
Please continue to check back as our situation changes daily.

adult male

Meet CoCo!  CoCo is a gorgeous little affectionate cat that is here with his twin sister, Oreo.  If you are looking for a pair of matching kitties, these may be the ones for you! Get me your application today!



Meet Cinderella!  Cinderella is just a young kitten herself that had five babies.  She went into foster care with an amazing family until they were ready to be adopted.  She is here now with three of her babies.  She does not want to share the home with any other adult cats, except for one of her babies.  I would really like to find her and one of them a home together.  If you are wanting an amazing little cat and her baby,[ pictured with her is Mickey ] please get me your application ASAP.  SL268240 



Meet Tinkerbell.  She is one of the beautiful kittens that is here with her mom, Cinderella.  She must be spayed before adoption, but will be ready for her new home soon. Hopefully with one of her siblings or mom.



Meet Minnie!  Minnie is here with her mom and siblings, Tinkerbell and Mickey.  They were all in foster care with an amazing family and are just ready to start their journey to find their new home, hopefully with one of their siblings or mom.  They must be fixed prior to adoption, which will be soon.




Meet Mickey!  He is a beautiful little orange tabby that is here with his mom and siblings, Tinkerbell and Minnie.  He is neutered along with his mom, Cinderella and are ready to go home together hopefully!  To meet them please get me your application ASAP!


Meet the beautiful Ms. Doria!  Doria is another kitty that is here after her kittens were adopted, awaiting her forever home.  If you would like to meet this little love bug please get me your application ASAP!

adult female



Must be Only Cat...Shes a Diva...a very affectionate Diva<3


Meet Tamara!  She is a gorgeous, chubby little kitty that is here looking for her forever home as an only cat.  She is very affectionate and a cuddle bug.  She is also playful and just a great little girl all around.  She has one flaw...she is a Diva and must be an only kitty because she does not want to share the spotlight with another cat.  



adult female

Meet Anthia, she is a sweet girl with a little attitude, who is looking for her furever home.  She is jealous and wants all of the attention, so would be best as an only cat. She is not only beautiful but very sweet and would like a home to call her own.  If you are interested in her please fill out an application online.


adult female

Meet Kathy!  She is an amazing little girl that is very affectionate and playful.  She is the kind of cat that would do well in any home! To meet Kathy, please get me your application ASAP. 




Mary Mary quite contrary... not really, she is a sweet shy little girl looking for her new home!  She is a great little girl that would love to settle in with you for a movie night and be your new bestie. To meet Mary, get me your application ASAP.


adult male

Meet the Sweet, shy Stephen.  He is here just chilling out in his condo getting love from all of us here.  If you would like to meet a shy, little boy kitty to call your own, please get a hold of me ASAP.


Smokey Ashes.jpg


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