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The Forest County Humane Society is Proud to partner with the Bissel Eptty the Shelters Spring National Event taking place from May1-15, 2024

This event will be available for most adult dogs at the Forest County Humane Society.  Please get us your application ASAP.  Please note that as always, you must be approved for adoption of any dog or cat.  All animals are placed into the best fit home for each animal, not on a first come basis.  

Our nation’s animal shelters are facing an overcrowding crisis unlike anything we have experienced in more than a decade. To help as many pets as possible go from shelter kennels to the couches of loving homes, BISSELL Pet Foundation is sponsoring reduced adoption fees at a shelter near you.

Empty Shelters = Full Hearts

Adoption saves two lives – the adopted pet and the one who takes their place in the shelter.

Finding a loving home for every pet is the ultimate goal of BISSELL Pet Foundation. As the nation’s largest funded adoption event, Empty the Shelters helps homeless pets find families by making adoption affordable for prospective pet owners. We do this by supporting participating organizations with reimbursement for each pet adopted. Adopters pay no more than $50 and local license fees.

Established in 2016, Empty the Shelters has helped nearly 190,000 pets find their loving families at participating shelters in 49 states and Canada. Events are held quarterly.

Click Here for your photo Release to take part in our Bissel Events!

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