Adoption application

Please read and Follow the Directions Below Exactly.


The Adoption Form below is for those that want to
fill it out online and send it via email.






The Adoption Form below is for those that prefer
to print it and fill it out at their leisure.
Copy and paste the form below into a new Word document.
Then "Print it", fill it out and bring it to the Shelter.
Call first. 715-478-2098



701 Industrial Parkway

PO Box 57

Crandon WI 54520

Phone: (715) 478-2098


Federal Tax ID# 39-1812068

Full Name (First, M.I. Last) ______________________________________________________

Address ________________________________ City ____________________ State _______ Zip ______

Email Address___________________________________

Phone # ________________


Employer _______________________________

Work phone ________________________

Spouse/Roommate ___________________________________

Employer __________________________ Employer's Phone _______________________

Veterinarian ________________________________ Vet. Phone ____________________


Please provide two non-related references:

Name and Relationship  ______________________________________________

Phone _____________________

Name and Relationship ______________________________________________

Phone _____________________


Thank-you for your interest in adopting a pet from us. The following application will help us

assist you in the selection of a new pet. Please fill in all that applies to you.

I am interested in adopting (Name and Breed): _______________________________

Do you own or rent your home? (X one):Own____ Rent____

If rent, Landlord Name and Phone Number: _______________________________________

How many members in your household? Adults____ Children (over ten) ____ (under ten) ____

Have you ever surrendered an animal to a shelter before? Yes ____ No ____  If Yes, please explain





How many hours a day will the animal be left alone? _____

Where will the animal be kept when home alone?


Do you own any other pets at this time? Yes____ No____ if Yes please list below:

1. Pet's Name & Breed _________________________________________________ 

Altered? Yes____ No____ Age____

2. Pet's Name & Breed _________________________________________________

Altered? Yes____ No____ Age____

3. Pet's Name & Breed _________________________________________________

Altered? Yes____ No____ Age____

4. Pet's Name & Breed ________________________________________________ _

Altered? Yes____ No____ Age____

Are your pets current on their rabies and distemper vaccinations? Yes____ No____

Please READ each of the following and sign below to acknowledge you agree with these statements.

1. I am at least 18 years old.

2. I have consent to adopt an animal from all adults in my home.

3. I have verifiable identification showing my present address.

4. I have a written letter of approval from my landlord to have an animal in my home.

5. I agree to not let the animal run at large or become a public nuisance and am aware of leash and licensing laws in my town/county.

6. I understand that even though The Forest County Humane Society does their best at determining the
breed and age of an animal, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of that determination.

7. I understand that the Forest County Humane Society has the right to accept or deny my request and that

although the Forest County Humane Society will give your profile full consideration, the animal will go to

the family that can provide the best home.


By signing below, I certify that the information I have given is true. I realize that any misrepresentation of facts may
result in my losing the privilege to adopt a pet. I understand that the FCHS has the right to deny my request to adopt an animal for any situation that would be
contrary to the shelters policies, in violation of state or local ordinances
or not in the best interest of the animal. I authorize the investigation of all statements in this application.
I also authorize my veterinarian to release any information requested by the FCHS.

Signature: _________________________________________


Approved by___________________________________ Case number: _______________


1. Click on the Word Document Icon below.

2. Once you have it open in Word, CLICK on "enable editing".

3. Fill out the form.

4. Follow further instructions on document page


Then follow the directions when the document opens